SAFIRE – the genesis

These guys Montgomery Childs and his crew go Way Beyond The Genius of Einstein. These guys are true innovators they are true scientist and they’re breaking amazing and new ground everyday. Follow along with the Safire project if you’re interested in science at all this will blow your mind! The universe is truly Electric, gravity plays no significant role in the universe whatsoever.

Bruce Mainwaring

The SAFIRE PROJECT was initiated.  Its objective was to test the Electric Sun Model.  The project is unfolding in three major phases.

A fully working proof-of-concept miniature (bench-top) lab was built – to see if the concept would actually work.  Early experiments were created, focussed mainly on the technology and generating certain environments in the bell jar.

See ‘Science’  > ‘Phase One’

for full description dowloadable PDF.

The full-size SAFIRE laboratory was constructed, at the heart of which was the SAFIRE Plasma Engine.  Further experiments were performed.  All the evidence to date shows there are no disparities with the Electric Sun hypothesis.

Phase Two went far beyond what was originally planned.  While generating the experiments to test the technology the SAFIRE team made numerous unexpected discoveries.  At this point in time the SAFIRE team is now able to create, control and contain unique plasma environments.  In these environments SAFIRE is generating energy densities comparable to the Sun’s photosphere and nuclear bombs.  And doing so without producing any negative side-effects such as radioactivity.

See ‘Science’  > ‘Phase Two’

for full description downloadable PDF.

Scott introduced Monty’s proposal to his father, Bruce Mainwaring.  Father and son decided to support the project through the Mainwaring Archive Foundation.

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