Watch live: Trump holds first rally since Mueller report release

I’m going to play this FUCKIN’ rally by this “piece of Shit” Megalomaniacal, Psychopathic Sociopath – this DumbAss Doofusđź’© just so you can see just how “Demented and Conflicted” this “Shit for Brains” D-bag ACTUALLY IS!! PAY ATTENTION! IT’S NBC and Lester Holt who did the ORIGINAL “COMEY FIRING” VIDEO at it Again..  YA JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!!

Watch the stupid fuckin’ white ass Maga idiots kiss  his ass and lick his boots while they’re getting fucked in the ass with no grease. These people are stone-cold fuckin’ idiots!

Streamed live 2 hours ago

Watch live coverage is President Trump speaks at his first campaign rally since the release of the Mueller report. Speaking from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump is expected to tout the report’s findings that neither he nor his campaign members colluded with Russia in election interference.

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