How about a little history for you guys something you don’t seem to understand or remember or even give a s*** about.. How about a dumbass!!

IN 1969, BLACK PANTHER leader Fred Hampton was gunned down by Chicago Police in his bedroom. This week on Intercepted: Famed civil rights lawyer Flint Taylor discusses his 13 year struggle for justice for Hampton, his work in exposing the torture program in Chicago that was unleashed on black men, and his career fighting against violent corrupt cops, the city of Chicago, and J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. Taylor’s new memoir is called “The Torture Machine: Racism and Police Violence in Chicago.” As Donald Trump ramps up drone strikes, he has officially wiped out the already minimal accountability guidelines implemented by Barack Obama. Hina Shamsi of the American Civil Liberties Union talks about the expansion of drone strikes under Trump, how Obama paved the way for his successor, and what we might expect from Attorney General William Barr. Meghan McCain is not Jewish, but she is accusing a Jewish comic artist of creating “one of the most anti-Semitic things” she has ever seen: a cartoon about her hypocrisy in attacking Ilhan Omar and appropriating Jewish suffering. Artist Eli Valley talks about why he drew it and why he believes McCain’s attacks on his cartoon prove the very point he was making.

Andrew Lelling: We’re here today to announce charges in the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

Announcer: On the campus of one of America’s leading universities —

Donald J. Trump: I understand things. I comprehend very well.

Announcer: The most gifted mind to ever enter its classrooms.

DJT: Better than I think almost anybody, OK?

Stellan Skarsgård as Gerald Lambeau: This boy’s genius is unparalleled. I need someone who can get through to them.

DJT: So, I mean I was born with a certain intellect that is good for this. You know I have very high aptitude. I’m like a smart person.

Announcer: Some people can never believe in themselves until someone believes in them.

DJT: You wouldn’t believe it but I was a very good student. I was a good student. I was a good student. You know, I was a good student. I was always a good student. And I was a good student.

Robin Williams as Sean Maguire: You can do anything you want. You are bound by nothing.

DJT: I was a very smart guy, good student, all that stuff, OK? I was a great student, went to the best schools, all that stuff. Look, I was a good student, went to the best schools, and all that stuff. I mean, I was a good student at the best school and all of that. You know, I was a good student, went to a great school, and all that stuff. I was a great student. I went to the best schools. So I was a very good student at the best schools. I was a great student. Went to the best school.

Announcer: And some, never know how much they can have until they discover how much they can give.

Michael Cohen: I’m talking about a man who declares himself brilliant but directed me to threaten his high school, his colleges, and the college board to never release his grades or SAT scores.

[Music interlude.]

Jeremy Scahill: This is Intercepted.

JS: I’m Jeremy Scahill, coming to you from the offices of The Intercept in New York City. And this is episode 86 of Intercepted.

Walter Mondale: That the FBI possessed the ability to enter into this field and to investigate and to intimidate and seek to neutralize and indeed replace a civil rights leader that they thought to be politically unacceptable. Is that correct?

Frederick Schwarz: Yes.

JS: The history of the United States is rife with stories, programs, laws that have at their center a dedication to crushing and ending black lives. This nation was built on slavery. It was built on a white supremacist ideology. It was intended to be a white man’s paradise served and serviced by its non-white, disenfranchised residents — millions of whom were kidnapped from their homes in Africa and brought in chains by ship to the United States.

Slavery was ultimately ended. But the ideology behind it persisted. The white power structure in this country fought militantly against giving rights to black people. It fought against allowing them to use the same bathrooms as white people, or to it eat in restaurants alongside white people. It fought against their right to vote or to seek office.

Newscaster: As in many places in the south, voter registration was designed to keep Negro voting to a minimum. Difficult literacy tests were administered by white officials and Negroes who attempted to register were often harassed.

JS: And all of this was what played out in public, in full view. But it hardly stopped there. In the mid-1950s, the notorious FBI director for life J. Edgar Hoover created a program that was aimed at secretly destroying political and social movements, including black liberation movements. That program was known as COINTELPRO, short for Counterintelligence program.

Edgar Hoover: Today, you have in charge of the communist party a hardcore fanatical group of members who are dedicated to the overthrow of our government by force and violence.

JS: Originally, COINTELPRO was aimed at infiltrating and destroying the Communist Party in the U.S., but J. Edgar Hoover also directed that all covert operations aimed at destroying black liberation movements that they should be placed under the program as well. So under COINTELPRO, you had black leaders such as Martin Luther King being surveilled, Malcolm X, Black Panther leaders, non-violent activists like Bayard Rustin, the fighter Muhammad Ali all of them were monitored around the clock. Smear campaigns were waged against them in the media. Hoover actually tried to blackmail Martin Luther King into committing suicide.

WM: And the tactics they used apparently had no end… They involved even plans to replace him with someone else the FBI was to select as a national civil rights leader.

JS: Agent provocateurs were sent to infiltrate Black groups, Native American groups, antiwar organizations, socialist parties. Their purpose was to sow division, to provoke violence, to destroy the movements from within. It was not until 1971 when the COINTELPRO program broke out into the public light.

Carl Stern: The documents prove for the first time that the FBI undertook a program in 1968 to harass and destroy new left political organizations whose views the federal police agency disagreed with. Wrote FBI director Hoover, the purpose of the program would be to expose and disrupt the new left. We must frustrate every effort of these groups and individuals to consolidate their forces or to recruit new or youthful adherence. In every instance, consideration should be given to disrupt the organized activity of these groups. Director Hoover detailed the set up of the program, saying anarchists and revolutionists had to be neutralized if law and order and a civilized society were to survive.

JS: And it must be noted that several targets of COINTELPRO operations were assassinated during this secret reign of the COINTELPRO program. We still do not have the full story of whether the FBI was directly involved in many of those political assassinations that took place in this country.

And even after COINTELPRO was publicly exposed, the tactics and aims of the program have not died, including to this day. We know that these tactics are still used against Black Lives Matter activists, against Muslim groups, activists in the U.S., anti-war organizations, environmental groups, and most recently journalists reporting on the border in this country.

Mari Payton: Individuals on the list include journalists, an attorney and dozens of others labeled by the U.S. government as an organizer or instigator. They all have a connection to the migrant caravan at the San Diego-Mexico border. Customs and Border Protection did not deny the database exists and defended its use.

JS: As COINTELPRO was in full swing, the U.S. intensified its war in Vietnam. In that war, the U.S. ran assassination operations, including under the CIA’s so-called Phoenix Program. They used torture. They killed massive numbers of civilians. And a good number of the people who participated in these crimes abroad returned home to the United States and became police officers. Among these there was a man named Jon Burge. He was a military police officer in Vietnam and then joined the Chicago Police Department, rising to become a prominent detective.

During his time in the Chicago Police, Jon Burge married the worlds of the murderous war in Vietnam with the most extreme crimes of the COINTELPRO program. He ran what can only be called a torture program in the city of Chicago that was aimed at getting confessions from black men to crimes that many of them had nothing to do with. Burge used many of the very tactics that he learned and implemented in Vietnam as a prison guard on the black men he encountered when he became a police officer in the city of Chicago. This torture included a makeshift torture machine that was used to electrically shock suspects, including by attaching alligator clips to the genitals of men and jolting their bodies with painful electric shocks.

At the same time, the Chicago police — in concert with the FBI — murdered the most prominent Black Panther leader in Illinois in his bedroom in the middle of the night. That leader was Fred Hampton, the chair of the Illinois Black Panthers and a national leader of the party. And our next guest was in that house soon after Fred Hampton and his fellow Black Panther Mark Clark were killed. He recalls standing in a pool of blood on December 4, 1969.


  1. Same co-owners. I think that they are owned by Len Blavatnik and Access Industries. Also, Sheldon Adelson has given big. Stephen Feinberg of Cerebus was connected to something on this – I forget what by now. I got his donations on the screen and then woke up and forgot what I knew the night before. There are other co-owners. There is Epstein and the whole Mar-a-Lago club connections, too, which includes Koch and some Dems. That reminds me I need to look for a Blavatnik Venezuela connection. Blavatnik is even connected to Fukushima non-clean-up because he co-bought Calpine with Trump large donor-fundraiser Doug Kimmelman’s Energy Capital partners, which owns EnergySolutions, which owns the ALPS purification system which has been allowed NOT to work for years. Even if I had one of those connection programs it would be such a thick cobweb we would still not be able to see.

    • Blavatnik is also the richest man in the UK, tried to go after the Guardian for calling him an oligarch, gives big to Cambridge and Oxford (hence probably Cambridge Analytica – by the way another Mississippi connection), and was “knighted” by the Queen of England. Trump’s just like the final visible coup after the economic one.

  2. I wonder how much of this Chicago torture accounts for reverse migration to the south, after things finally settled down there. The so-called literacy tests were things like how many bubbles are in a bar of ivory soap (this is both documented and I have heard it from someone who was a kid in Mississippi at the time), and they SHOT people trying to vote or organize voting, including on the courthouse lawns (e.g. Brookhaven Mississippi). Shooting and killing people is far beyond harassment. Each time I read I am more shocked at how bad it was and how recent. They also lynched people but shooting appears to have been very prevalent. I just read that they even cut off food aid in parts of Mississippi and made a famine. It seems like nobody cared who was killed, black or white, until some northern-Ivy League students got killed in Philadelphia Mississippi. There were white preachers run off from their churches overnight with threats, too. How many killed that no one even knows were killed, either – they were just disappeared by the local sheriff. Even today tornados only “occur” if they are reported, it seems, and probably the same for murders of poor folk. The COINTELPRO lawsuit by the SWP and others came down in the summer of 1986 and should be around online someplace. Bernie Sanders was affiliated with the Trotskyist SWP in the late 60s, which is why they (Russia, Republicans) wanted him to be the candidate against Trump. He was given a pass by everyone on this topic. I don’t like this attempt by the intercept to mix people fleeing Latin America because of economic reasons or violence (probably with coyotes sent by Trump or Putin) with violence against African Americans who have been in the United States for 200 to 400 years, 1619 to early 1800s, when slave imports stopped. As many have pointed out, slaves were not “immigrants”. Some indentured servants-prisoners were also transhipped. Most of the white indentures were dead within a year (my guess of sunburn) if they were put out in the Virginia fields. I’m sure you know all of this, but I am adding it for your readers.

    • DITTO on all you said.. DumbAss Doofus (Trump) is only president – how did he get all this power over EVERYONE including the DumbAss Senate??????? WTF???

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