Our Reactor Is On Fire…

WINDSCALE the UK Extreme Nuclear Accident..

A Nuclear Fire cannot be extinguished! This one burned 8.5M pounds of Uranium and dumped the critically radioactive ash and molten fuel into the environment – ocean, ground water, atmosphere and up into the jetstream for distribution around the world!!!! WE ALL were fatally irradiated way back in 1957 – and everyday since them. Ever wonder why MOST of the people you know die from some kind of cancer, heart failure/stroke, diabetes and brain disease?? ALL induced by radiation exposure over time – it kills so slowly it is hard to “blame” for any specific death but BELIEVE IT! Radiation is killing the planet in a slow-motion extinction-level event.. just ask yourself. Where are all the birds; all the insects besides fly’s; worms; bees; etc. Truck Drivers are speaking amongst themselves that they no longer have to clean the bugs off of their windshields anymore every 2-300 miles or so. Now they can go cross-country with only 8 to 10 cleanings over 4 days!!!!!!


Published on Feb 17, 2015

Documentary about the 1957 reactor fire in the Windscale plant in England, which released a large amount of radioactive material into the environment.


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