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Bleeding edge science has discovered new facts combined from many existing sources. This ‘combination compilation’ of existing isolated sites and studies has enabled a larger picture of extinction level events of the past 90-100K years to be explained fully.

Following is a 26-part series of all that has been assembled to date. Hang on to your hats and enjoy the ride – it is a ride that will astound and scare you at the same time.

The Solar System is NOT a static, boring and quiet system that never changes – we just haven’t been around long enough to have witnessed what our ancestors had witnessed but they are mind-blowing.

The Castrophe’s are survivable or we wouldn’t be here now but the story that is emerging slowly but surely takes nothing away from previous scientific discoveries but rather adds to and expands the global disasters caused by Magnetic Pole Reversals and the Sun going NOVA. There were impactors alright – but not one or two, the entire globe was shredded periodically, more than once, by debris from the Suns NOVA episodes!


This playlist includes the Catastrophe Cycle series and a few other relevant videos.

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