Series 4, Part 5B, Where to go and how to survive the Pole Shift and Ice Age

How to survive the coming Polar Flip and Solar Nova due around 2040. This is REAL SCIENCE based upon intense research by research scientists around the world so PAY ATTENTION!!

Published on Apr 10, 2019

Video series 4, Part 5B, covers where to go to survive the next Polar Reversal and Ice Age. It also covers the 50 years before the reversal, what happens during the reversal and the years after the geomagnetic reversal and Nova.

This information will give you and your children the best chance of survival. I present this information because I want some people to survive the polar reversal event This series of videos are takes from Chapter 8 in “God’s Day of Judgment, the Real Cause of Global Warming” “the theory of Multidimensional Reality” and “Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet.”

These three books can be purchased through or the publisher at The foundations web site has the books listed as well as information on this information theory of existence as well as three expeditions to Egypt.

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  1. I recently read Doug Vogt’s “God’s Day of Judgment” and am currently reading “Reality Revealed.” He says the next event is due in October 2046. Other sources point to other dates but regardless of the exact timing – there is plenty of evidence for a periodic cycle of recurring pole shift catastrophes, and we are due for another soon. If interested, check out some other books on the subject too:

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