Trump Making Sure that Assange Gets Off Easy? 13 Saturday Apr 2019 Posted by miningawareness in Uncategorized

MiningAwareness – these guys & dolls are fuckin’ AWESOME!!

The US charges against Assange were narrow in scope, and would result in a maximum of 5 years in jail, presumably at a Club Fed. If he cooperates with protecting Trump and Trump’s longtime friend Roger Stone, he can expect to be pardoned, as well. This scenario appears much more in his favor than being stuck forever in the Embassy of Ecuador (as though we care), and certainly better for Ecuador. Maybe he can even shave. He reportedly wanted to go to Russia, so now he can – Russia’s US subsidiary.

Maybe he can even get sent to a low security Club Fed in the hometown of fellow Trump lovin’ Russophile Haley Barbour of BGR group, and hang out in the day drinking Mint Julep in Yazoo City Mississippi. Oh, whoops, that would have to be White Russians rather than Mint Juleps. As Mississippi Governor, Barbour became notorious for pardoning dangerous felons, who assisted him at the Governor’s mansion. Perhaps Assange supporter and fellow Russophile David Duke can drive on up from Mandeville Louisiana for the day, too. Maybe they can all hang out with the current Governor Bryant and their Brexit Boy friends, and even go to an Ole Miss game together. We kid you not. This is neither a southern novel nor short-story. It just sounds like it: … More


  1. I think the connection can only be made by the US gov, hopefully in Roger Stone’s trial. It sounds like the lackey is probably Brexit Boy Nigel Farage. The richest man in the UK is a Russian oligarch (who doesn’t want to be called oligarch) who is also a US citizen and ties most things together and that is Len Blavatnik. He’s also Jewish and being sued over the Israeli settlements – probably an Israeli citizen; owns a petroleum refiner, etc., etc. Maybe he’s behind Farage. ALL of this BS requires too much bandwidth for me.

    • DumbAss Doofus is like the Queen of a termite hill in the middle of a field – in plain site – the just reproduces hundreds and thousands more of the little bastards each week – it’s UNholy!! WTF?!

    • I”m not even gonna try to figure out the DumbAss Doofus/Assange connection. Too much bandwidth needed that I just don’t have now for a single topic..

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