Japan Begins Removing Fuel at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

I’m including in this reblog a copy of the periodic tables of radioactive isotopes as a result of fission in a nuclear reactor. When the PR firms of both AP and TEPCO make statements, false statements, that they are going to remove fuel rods from a non-existent fuel pool in reactor 2 at Fukushima it is an outright fuckin’ lie! The entire building blew up there are no spent fuel pools in the buildings of reactor one reactor two four reactors 3! The radiation levels standing directly in front of any one of those buildings with the gamma and the neutron shine is going to be anywhere from one to 10 seiverts. 5 Minute exposure to 5 seiverts will kill you within 10 days to two weeks! 1 minute exposure to 10 seiverts I will drop you like a sniper round on the spot!

AP says that TEPCO wants to start emptying the tritium tainted water from the tank farm on Fukushima daiichi property because it’s relatively mild and harmless is a lie. Those tanks full of 750 million tons of fission-tainted water are deadly TO THE ENTIRE PLANET!

I’m including below an Interactive periodic table a radioisotopes created in a fission reaction inside nuclear reactors – just click on any one of the mother isotopes and it will show you all of their daughters click on any one of the daughters and it will show you all of its daughters – there are more than 3,000 deadly isotopes and daughters thereof in each one of those tanks sitting on that property dumping those tanks will absolutely no doubt about it kill the entire planet make no mistake about it this is no fuckin’ joke!
If this interactive chart doesn’t function properly in this space somebody please tell me in the comments and I will pass the link along in the actual post for you to download. There are 3000 Plus radioisotopes created and nuclear fission inside nuclear reactors don’t take my word for it download and click on the chart.


Sorry my good friends at mining awareness but I had to correct that story that story is full of lies and cannot be trusted and needs to be rebuted which I’m doing here now.


  1. Thanks for the rebuttal. I have neither time and energy left to go back there. I gave 80 plus hours per week of my life over that while the majority had fun and games. If it weren’t for Trump I would have shifted to death and dying blog or just go live my life. I still have a lot of spinoff problems from ignoring things while I worked against nuclear. Trump is but one of them.

    • Anti-nuclear is my priority One – nothing for me is anywhere near as important I’ve learned a lot about nuclear I have to Geiger counters and I travel around the world using I taken readings at many places around the world and it all altitudes in the sky from 5000 feet up to 38,000 feet up and believe me the readings that I have in the day that I have will blow your mind it’s a scary scary thing..

      • It’s good that you are holding down the fort, because people are needed to do it. With your IT background you would have an interest in the required mathematics, etc., whereas anything which sniffs of math and science I don’t like. Notheless, with my strong background in biology and chemistry, I am well aware of the hazards, which is precisely while I will not continue on the topic per se. I also did much of the work to egg on engineers to take action. They tried and were blocked at every turn. Education is important, but the only way to stop the nuclear machine is to stop corruption and mafia (which I find more entertaining, too). Most corruption lines do lead back to it. So, it was mine, but I always said that I will not be in the anti-nuclear business for 30 years like many. I deeply regret the time spent. My life has value too. I spent the better years of my youth studying physiology, genetics, inorganic and organic chemistry, biochemistry, etc. I changed degree programs because I didn’t like it, it’s not my forte, and the stress of not sleeping was killing me. I needed to take care of myself. I spent more time on the anti-nuclear aspects of my blog than on my PhD. My PhD was interesting, unlike nuclear crap. With rare exceptions like yourself, people appear thoroughly immune to known facts about the dangers of radiation. Scary is knowing how much radiation people (especially Americans) are being forced to eat and drink, how much fallout we were exposed to as children and adults, etc. Scary is watching friends die of cancer. Scary is learning that rad waste was burned over one’s head decades ago but you never knew and it was too late when you learned. Scary is knowing that as your bones become brittle that radiation may come back out into your system. Scary is knowing that they can look at your eye lenses and teeth and measure fallout and find your year of birth. Scary is wondering if your organic spinach was grown near Hanford. Scary is knowing that the NPS and the shoddy waste cans could blow at any moment and they won’t tell us anyway and if they did where would we go. It is also scary knowing that the geiger measures are up and not knowing why. The entire reason I didn’t do a degree in environmental when I changed out of pre-med is that I cannot drink water consciously knowing and fearful that it is full of radiation or other toxins, that no one cares about it being full of radiation and that nothing is being done – on the contrary. The only solutions are political, which I understood when I was younger, and reached that conclusion again. I falsely believed that if people understood it was dangerous they would do something. The rad levels in food were increased while Clinton was being impeached. I have compressed the hazard of exposure, and had calculated out risk of food and even of having a piece of radioactive sand in your shoes. For each 100 mSv of exposure you have around a 3% or more chance of cancer. There are calculations to get to the mSv based on material type. And then what? I need to do things like take care of my own health and get checks for cancer. No one will care as long as they have to worry about their next meal and violent crime, either. But, those who could care are having “fun” drinking, going to ball games and warming church pews. The most frightening thing is that people’s lives have zero value now, for some time, because there are too many people. There is no respect for elders and knowledge, so they are in special danger. They can kill us all and just import more. There are plenty of people who would lie, cheat and steal just to have running water and to feed their children. We all risk being thrown into the ditch like the British did the elderly and sick who were unable to leave the Scottish highlands. They threw them in the ditch and burned their houses down. Life is short and there is no holding back the grim reaper.

        • I forgot to say, too, that because the US and Canada allow such shoddy construction and do not require storm shelters, and allow construction in flood zones, etc., that a lot of people are forced to frequently hide in inadequate closets or bathtubs, fearing death by tornados, sitting in the dark because of electricity loss, etc. Constant fear of these things makes it difficult to digest the long-term risks of radiation. I think it’s the living in constant terror that makes it hard for many people to take the problem seriously. In the end, free speech – the right to talk about nuclear, the right to bitch, complain and call names – is maybe the most important. It’s also slipping away. In Germany, for instance, you can point out what Merkel does wrong, but not make fun of her.

        • Amen my friend.. the fact that people are so overwhelmed which day today that they can’t think of future they pay no attention to pass and they stay pissed 24/7 at now! I left the United States 7 years ago when I was living in San Francisco and Fukushima came to my city by the Bay and poison me to the extent that I had a metallic taste in my mouth and my whole body was buzzing as if all my limbs had gone to sleep. I suffered an extreme dose of Fukushima. I put all my shit in storage that I thought I may want to keep and I sold everything else. I bought my Geiger counters and I ran from the United States and I have never been back. And I will never go back it’s a death sentence for me. I’m now disabled by my thyroid, benign tumors all over and many other health issues. Since leaving my health has stabilized. So I DO understand!

          • I am so sorry. I will pray for you. And, thinking of you might make me angry enough to work more. I blame the crap for my children’s deaths (before birth), but at some point we only have life and need that joy that you get from music and art. I read that I was lucky to be born because of weapons testing. You mean a lot to me, because in some of my loneliest and lowest moments I hung on your Facebook words. One of the best things I did was refuse to move to California pre-Fukushima. I told my spouse I would not go to a place with a NPS named Diablo. Plus, the area had earthquakes, tornados and fires. I have and know Fukushima related corruption stuff, but I cannot keep working 25 hour days though. It makes it impossible to schedule things. I can’t figure where is safe to be, however. The reason I wanted to change to a death and dying was both to drive the point home and because we all must do it and can only hope to die well (which I hope has nothing to do with how we die.) One of my dear friends hung on with cancer against all odds but I feel died well despite being eaten all up with tumors.

          • There are 390 Plus nuclear plants in the northern hemisphere of this planet. There are only a total of 4 plants some of them having multiple reactors at the plant and a total of 7 reactors in the southern hemisphere not counting Medical Only research reactors so my advice to you where’s the move to the southern hemisphere there are a lot of choices. where is South Africa I’m saying about there is Australia New Zealand where is Madagascar and there is Antarctica all of which have pristine environments relatively speaking and are a much safer place to be are there any circumstance especially Nunclear!

          • You know I went to this it was at the top of my English class in high school and won spelling bees at Citywide levels I’m a good speller but when I edit my post inside WordPress I’m finding after I publish I read back and I find misspellings that I did not misspell I don’t know what’s going on but something is changing my words. I’m going to start editing outside of WordPress and copying and pasting in. I can no longer trust the WordPress editor. I don’t know if any of you have similar problems, if so let me know let’s try to see what this might be.

          • This guy Dana durnford knows how about Fukushima he has pictures of the buildings that are completely blown up there are no fuel pools spent fuel pools available there are no fuel rods in a fuel pool cooling the buildings are all blown up – reactor one reactor 2 reactor 3 And reaactor 4 – they’re all blown up there is no fuel rods left in any cooling pools in any of those reactor buildings and there has not been since March 11th 2011. BTW he’s got a Blog that he does every day 7 days a week about Fukushima if you want to learn about Fukushima he’s somewhat become the expert he’s been doing this for 8 years now check him out. His blog site is nuclear proctologist. Org LOL

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