US House Chairs Joint Statement On Release Of Special Counsel Mueller’s Report

All pertinent committee chairs in Congress I’ve decided that dismal report contains damning evidence a criminal Behavior, conspiracy to obstruct and lies and coercion against White House staffers. It is outrageous but it will be adjudicated in the near term by the house committee’s in charge of the various aspects I’m the crimes have been committed by DumbAss Doofus and all the presidents men and women!

Mining Awareness +

Taken as a whole, Mueller’s report paints a damning portrait of lies that appear to have materially impaired the investigation, a body of evidence of improper contacts with a foreign adversary, and serious allegations about how President Trump sought to obstruct a legitimate, and deeply important, counterintelligence investigation.

US “House Chairs Issue Statement On Release Of Special Counsel Mueller’s Report Washington, April 18, 2019

Washington, DC – Today, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Adam B. Schiff, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, Committee on Oversight and Reform Chairman Elijah E. Cummings, Committee on Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters, Committee on Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot L. Engel, and Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal issued the following joint statement on the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report:

“Despite a series of statements and letters by Attorney General Barr which mischaracterized Special Counsel Robert…

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