US House Judiciary Chair Nadler Statement On Redacted Mueller Report

My unprepared and inadequate commentary will only serve to confuse this excellent work that mining awareness has done on this report so that’s all I had to say read the article


  1. Thanks. I wish I did have something smart to say about it. Now, after reading all of these press releases and listening to Schiff I understand that there is a lot of important documentation that was meant for Congress and that Congress hasn’t gotten and they must subpoena. The document is long and huge, but probably is worthwhile. At 488 pages and if the average reader reads at 3 minutes per page, then it would take 24 hours of reading to finish and to study would take around 3 x longer. That’s why WaPo was using teams. After being angry that they didn’t get Don Jr for want of proof I finally understood that it’s like runnning a stop sign and causing a wreck. That if you say you couldn’t see it because of a bush and they can’t prove you didn’t see it, then you may get off of criminal liability but not off of civil liability. I guess I have to format paragraph by paragraph or stop using italics because it shows right on the blog but not on reblogs.

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