Lawrence’s Last Word: Robert Mueller Exposes Sarah Sanders’ Lies | The Last Word | MSNBC

Get ‘er Lawrence.. “Sarah’s slip of the tongue” – LOL!

Published on Apr 19, 2019

Lawrence shows how Sarah Sanders’ lies to Robert Mueller about her lying.


  1. Thanks. I got the general drift of your point. I’ve had the thing freeze on me and lose everything at the end. It’s always most safe and conservative to keep a copy anyway. You may want to ask WordPress for additional advice though. I don’t know why the media hasn’t been wondering what Huckabee was tweeting from Russia for in July 2017… I think that was the date. I archived the tweet but it was still there recently. The daughter was the front person for him from a young age and kept a lot of people fooled I guess. I think she is willing to lie for Trump to help protect her father. I found no hints of him in Mueller. On the other hand, they may take down some of the Mississippi Republicans who haven’t figured out that they lost the Civil War (hint: BGR group, Alfa Bank, LetterOne and name blotted out between Gr and Ha could be the G, which is BGR CEO Mississippian Lanny Griffith). BGR group pushed the Uranium One deal. They don’t teach history in the segregationist academies, I guess. Huckabee was or is in “Sons of the Confederacy” too. It just blows my mind that the Brexit boys were hanging out with the active “Son of the Confederacy” Mississippi Gov Bryant and they allegedly hid the Brexit Facebook data in Mississippi – first at Ole Miss and then at their cow college (Mississippi State). At one point ca 1990 Russia was Mississippi’s most important business partner. I think it was because of chicken exports. Americans want chicken breasts now but the Russians will take the balance. It sounds a joke, but it isn’t. Bryant gave Trump credit for the Medgar Evers museum. Bennie Thompson called him out. I don’t even know what adjective to use for Bryant in a title. I just got more and more mad and gave up. I don’t know why no one says anything. I hope if they get the Mississippians that they drop on down to Mandeville Louisiana and get David Dukkke. I think he’s been funded by Russia since Soviet times. I’ve identified another Louisiana man who I am sure is a Russian and/or Iranian operative since Soviet times. He’s teaching in West Virginia. Deripaska’s company RUSAL just set up a company in Kentucky, while almost no one was looking, too. He still owns something like 41% RUSAL via 40% of EN+. I just can’t keep up with the con artists. LetterOne has the former head of BP Lord Browne, and Lord Barker is tied up with RUSAL. They are fake Lords – business people. Most Lords are fake since the 1700s, in that they are true knights like early Lords. Alfa Bank was sued over the Israeli settlements along with a fake Lord Blavatnik (a Soviet born dual US UK citizen). We are totally infested with Russian-Soviet termites. Trump seems the final coup. I just wonder how far back this goes – maybe to Tsarist times.

    • I really appreciate your commentary. I learned so much from you on every comment you make it’s almost overwhelming I would love to have a conversation with you sometime. but for now just though from me that your comments are always welcome and I read them all every single word I don’t always understand the story but I do read it with great interest, thank you so much.

  2. She’s connected to Russia-sanctioned Russians through her father Mike Huckabee. Mike Huckabee was in Russia in July of 2017 for unknown reasons. And, he is connected to Russian backed World Congress of Families (WCF). While WCF is better known for being anti-homesexual (LGTQ or whatever the label is now), it’s larger objective is to keep women barefoot and pregnant – out of university and out of the workforce. The irony is that one of the foremost proponents of this agenda is a Russian female politician. She had everything – family and good career but wants to deny other women the same. The $ backing is Konstantin Malofeev’s Marshall Capital partners which shares a floor in the same building with Exxon (which is still in Russia). Malofeev is connected to a former Marine Le Pen advisor who quit after he helped rescue some pilots out of a Caribbean country who had been arrested because drugs were found on the aircraft. Mike Huckabee must be very mean and vindictive because the former professor-sponsor of a Young Democrats branch at an Arkansas state uni was afraid to renew it during the Gore campaign – that his job might be in danger.

    • Wow. I’m always impressed by you guys depth of knowledge and insight to these things I knew her father was hugging me and I knew he was no good and I have always done she’s no good but I didn’t know all the rest thank you for that information now I have to digest it and include it in my overall reporting. And thanks for taking the time for that share, I certainly needed it.

      • So you see my reply, it’s hilarious, this is what happens when I don’t copy and paste and I got to learn a whole new way to do things and it’s a hassle now. I have to use another application to do my editing you know – what a pain in the ass!

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