How to Detect Hidden Surveillance Cameras With Your Phone JOSH HENDRICKSON @canterrain APRIL 21, 2019, 6:40AM EDT

I know many friends like myself who travel very often to places all around the world. A large minority of them have had serious issues with Airbnb – but when they attempt to arbitrate or to protest they are summarily informed that AirBNB fully supports their clients and forced to leave the platform, their profile is removed and they can no longer use the platform. I have been telling other friends of mine who don’t travel so much when they ask me what’s the best way to travel and the best places to stay I tell them there are a lot of options; there’s Couchsurfing which can be a lot of fun, there’s B&B which can be quite unique, there’s the entire world of hostels and their unique atmosphere and environments and then there’s 1 and 2 star hotels. But by all cost AVOID AIRBNB! I’ve already given you one reason for this and this article is going to give you yet another and there are many more.. for your traveling displeasure.. LOL

if you travel, YES — you need to read this article..

A family recently discovered a rude surprise at their Airbnb: a hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector in the living room. Here are two ways to check for cameras—in an Airbnb or elsewhere—using only an iPhone or Android phone.


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