Mueller Report: “Lightly Redacted.’ Translation: Fully Lying and Covering Up the Truth” (US Homeland Security Chair Thompson)

You mean to tell me, much to my surprise, that there’s still someone left in Homeland Security at the top that’s on our side? -Holyshit – unbelievable.. LOL


  1. He’s the head of Oversight for Homeland Security – The only Democrat US Congressman from Mississippi – Bennie Thompson. His district is probably the most African American district in the United States and one of the most economically poor, though culturally rich with the Delta blues, etc.

    • Well you have to absolutely love this guy. HHS has been decimated at the top my DumbAss Doofus💩 in a Reckless and risky fashion to the point that the organization doesn’t even work anymore. I mean DumbAss Doofus💩 has no Diplomatic Corps, she has no national security team, she has no White House senior staff she’s going to kill this country – something is going to happen – after Sri Lanka and more than 260 being killed there I got this feeling something is going to happen here and it’s not going to be nice all because of DumbAss Doofus💩 significantly dangerous handling of the top levels of the United States government. She is truly a d-bag, a traitor, a low life who is “lower than a snake in a wagon track..” and she lies like a rug. I always feel like I have to run to the bathroom and wash my hands every time I write about this Asshole!!

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