NOTE: from the Editor

I find it very interesting that FUCKFACE (Facebook) denied me access  to multiple blogs that I had on their website. They provided no reason, I received no warning or reprimand in advance and I broke no rules but I was – shall we say – somewhat controversial LOL. They did this after I  attempted – without success – to download and archive my almost 4 years worth of work and then delete my account. In the long run I could do neither. I contacted their technical support and inquired what the problem was and received no response, none whatsoever. Within 48 hours after my Reach Out to their technical support team all of my logins to all of my accounts we’re disabled. I cannot change the password I cannot add a new account and I could not access any of my old accounts or data. Yet they insisted on leaving all my accounts up and running for the world to see and read except I was not included in that “world”.

I learned what I know as stated above that my sites were still intact from many of the followers that I have. A couple of weeks ago out of nowhere they (FUCKFACE) decided to reinstate all my logins and offered me to change my passwords and begin using my sites again. Having had a long career in Tech I’m not going to do that, in my opinion, so they can install software that is malicious for the purpose of tagging my online profiles all over the net. I could easily escalate this case to the ‘internet governing bodies’ but I don’t have time for their BS and it would be ultimately to no avail anyway!  So I’m happy that’s some of my followers have managed to find me at my new site here, to all of you supporters and followers you all have my sincere thanks and gratitude for your diligence and continued support.

So the moral of the story is simple.. FUCK YOU MARKO ZUCKERBITCH AND YOUR FUCKIN’ FUCKFACE ASS! 😜😋💩😡

The Editor


    • Wow cool. thank you for that link I’m going to have some fun with that link I’m already rolling on the floor what I’m going to do with that link LOL.

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