Electricity, Water, Life, and the Cosmos | Space News

It’s time for a little DumbAss Doofus💩 break and let’s get into some ‘bleeding edge’ science. Tesla, Alfven, Peratt, Birkeland, LaPoint and many more just in the past 100 years all knew we live in a plasma-based electric universe! No big bang, no black holes, no neutron stars, no dark matter, no dark energy and no expanding universe – that is ALL Quackademic BS!! Look up all the guys that I mentioned above and there are many many more somebody might recognize our Faraday, heavyside ( yeah that’s his real name – super mathematician and super sharp theoretical physicist); the the list is long at all their careers were completely ruined because they didn’t side with the big bang side of the house – sad and disgraceful what inferior scientist due to the young and coming superstars in the field!

Electricity, Water, Life, and the Cosmos | Space News

Published on May 28, 2018

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In the previous episode, physicist Eugene Bagashov introduced us to potentially groundbreaking scientific research into the influence of electrical charge on the properties and behaviors of water. The recently published paper states that the electric charge of water influences: its ultraviolet absorption spectrum; its mechanical behavior; the behavior of water solutions; its surface tension; its interaction with polymers; and its freezing temperature. Today, Eugene offers an extensive thought-provoking analysis on the possible vast implications for this research in our Electric Universe.

PART ONE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tmko4…

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