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It’s time for a little DumbAss Doofusđź’© break and let’s get into some ‘bleeding edge’ science. Tesla, Alfven, Peratt, Birkeland, LaPoint and many more just in the past 100 years all knew we live in a plasma-based electric universe! No big bang, no black holes, no neutron stars, no dark matter, no dark energy and no expanding universe – that is ALL Quackademic BS!! Look up all the guys that I mentioned above and there are many many more somebody might recognize our Faraday, heavyside ( yeah that’s his real name – super mathematician and super sharp theoretical physicist); the the list is long at all their careers were completely ruined because they didn’t side with the big bang side of the house – sad and disgraceful what inferior scientist due to the young and coming superstars in the field!

Published on Jul 11, 2018

EU2017: Future Science — Rebroadcast—only $29: A new paper published in the Journal Nature Astronomy offers a further breakthrough for proponents of planetary catastrophe. The study suggests that the large majority of asteroids in the inner asteroid belt are pieces of 5 annihilated worlds, called planetesimals. The clue the team followed was the unusual inclined or titled orbits of near-earth asteroids. In this episode, we explore why this finding is just one of countless discoveries that throw the standard story of our solar system’s alleged four and a half billion year history into total disarray. What promising alternatives can be found in the Electric Universe?

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