Hailstorm Kills in 13 African Storm as 6000 Year Pattern Unfolds (815)

Grand solar minimum anybody.. CAN YA HEAR ME NOW??? This post will be posted under the title GSM for Grand solar minimum. I hope everyone is getting prepared for what’s coming I’m the only one that’s going to tell you and a few other people on the internet do I show you already who they are but it’s coming you can stop it you better get ready or you will perish with the rest of the sheeple who pay no attention because they can’t get up off the fuckin’ couch!

GSM is not rumor, it’s not speculation, it’s not global warming, it’s PURE PALEOANTHROPOLOGICAL SCIENCE!

Published on Apr 25, 2019

Massive hail storm kills 13 people in Uganda, as the area is deluged after a significant drought where flash floods ran off concrete hard ground. Monsoon flows are far off or non existent, which shows a more powerful cycle of 6000 year duration.



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