Japan must halt returns to Fukushima, radiation remains a concern, says UN rights expert

The entire continent of Japan, or I don’t know I guess you’d call it an island who gives a Shit, the entire country of Japan is contaminated with extremely high levels Alpha, Beta, and gamma radiation – well not so much Alpha anymore by now alphas’ are sort of gone – but beta and gamma rage on in the food, in the water, in the air, on the ground, Everywhere!. Then, they have a lot of nerve to hold the Olympics the 2020 NOlympics in Fukushima Japan. What kind of Fuckin’ assholes are these guys? This year is the 33rd anniversary of Chernobyl and they still can’t get anywhere near the reactor core to be able to begin  disassembly – the radiation is still  measuring at 10-20+ Sieverts – a level that will drop you like a sniper round within 5 minutes, at 500ft,  on the spot!

The NOlympics in Fukushima!? That’s the IAEA for you and yours! WTF!? 😳😯😮😧😫😠😡💩

GENEVA (25 October 2018) – A UN human rights expert has urged the Japanese Government to halt the ongoing relocation of evacuees who are children and women of reproductive age to areas of Fukushima where radiation levels remain higher than what was considered safe or healthy before the nuclear disaster seven years ago.

The UN Special Rapporteur on hazardous substances and wastes, Baskut Tuncak, will present a reportto the General Assembly in New York today, highlighting key cases of victims of toxic pollution brought to his attention in recent years that demand global action. The expert said the Japanese Government’s decision to raise by 20 times what it considered to be an acceptable level of radiation exposure was deeply troubling, highlighting in particular the potentially grave impact of excessive radiation on the health and wellbeing of children.

“It is disappointing to see Japan appear to all but ignore the 2017 recommendation of the UN human rights monitoring mechanism (UPR) to return back to what it considered an acceptable dose of radiation before the nuclear disaster,” he said.




  1. It’s all too little too late! We’re all doomed and Fukushima is going to make sure the final Blow strikes all of us down. Ya can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Nuclear is an extinction-level technology that’s guaranteed to work across the board both on the powers-that-be dumbasses that they are and all of us – not to mention the other 8 million species in the planetary biosphere. It’s far too late now – it’s in the genes it’s in the DNA. It’s amazing to me how they believe they’re going to be immune to their own poison I mean how stupid can you get?!

  2. Prime Minister Abe’s grandfather was a war criminal and we let him off. I think he’s in payback mode. The same may be true for Putin too. I am convinced that the Japanese only vent the waste when it is blowing toward the United States. Americans are paying dearly for being naive in some cases (and greedy in others).

    • I’m convinced of the same thing except I think Japan drains off most of the water out of those tanks, which by the way they say is full of harmless tritium which is total BS, whenever they have a hurricane or large earthquake then they’re dumping. But the other problem is what about the Japanese fishing fleet – they’ve disappeared and they are a huge fleet – my opinion they’re taking nuclear waste loads and dumping it off of the coast of New Zealand in between Australia and New Zealand. There’s an awful lot of starfish wasting and sea life problems down there right now not to mention beached whales and beached orca by the dozen. I think the fleet has something to do with that. They have gone radio silent for more than a year now, no radio chit chat but they’re not in Port and no one knows where they are or what they’re doing.

      • Yes, they are dumping by air (venting and incineration) and water. I had heard that they might be dumping near NZ a few years ago. Trump fundraiser-donor Doug Kimmelman heads EnergySolutions whose ALPS system isn’t even cleaning the non-tritium very well. Japan could clean the tritium but they don’t want to.

        • Now they just want to kill the world with their radioactive food. They keep opening more and more and more farms and rice patties and growing more food IN FUKUSHIMA to ship to the rest of the world! First they’re killing all their own people by sending them back into the restricted zones to live and then they’re trying to kill the rest of the fuckin’ world shipping out there contaminated food and complaining to the World Trade Organization to Fine countries that won’t accept it! Lately they’ve been specializing in flavorings and additives into ALL foods around the world to make sure that everybody gets a little POISON. I don’t even know what to eat anymore I’m afraid to take vitamin supplements because they may have put it in there too.. dammit man!

          • I bet it is only the untouchable classes and elderly that get sent back. They shouldn’t have let Abe’s war criminal grandfather free: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobusuke_Kishi
            They did a lot of that with Chernobyl, too – shipping the food around the world, though. They sent a lot to Cuba. However they have tripled the amount that we are supposed to eat of it for Fukushima. It allows them to hide cancer rates. And, people pay for burial of the materials. It goes in the bones and then human bodies have higher burial standards than the rad waste. I think it was sunflower oil that they were growing to clean Fukushima. Some of their food is labeled organic (rice). You have to hope that your body can recognize the good nutrients from the bad, where it is possible. Apart from that, you can test your own soil and water and grow your own food. Once you are 20 years from your maximum life expectancy you probably won’t have your life shortened by cancer as it usually takes time to grow. It doesn’t seem like there is anything that can be done. It’s like war. If you don’t eat something you die. I am wary of US west coast food, too. Leuren Moret thinks that population reduction is the whole point, but there are more humane ways.

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