Nuclear Power Stations Discharge Radioactive Carbon; Produce Carbon During Entire Fuel Chain; Not Carbon Free

I am shocked, shocked I say that’s a nuclear industry has a nerve, the unmitigated gall to let the words come out of their mouth that says, “Nuclear is carbon-free – too cheap to meter!”
this article will surely shock and REALLY PISS YOU OFF – AS IT SHOULD! The nuclear industry lies like a rug.. while they continue to kill you day, by day, by day. But hey I don’t give much of a shit I’m too old to worry about it – you however have to live your life with it everyday eating, drink and breathing your death isotopes everyday of your life. Have fun with that one.. LOL!

Mining Awareness +

As explained by Oak Ridge National (Nuclear) Lab, nuclear power stations produce carbon, it’s radioactive carbon. They are also responsible for non-radioactive CO2 because of the energy requirements for uranium mining, nuclear fuel production, cooling of nuclear waste, and related transport:

CARBON-14 PRODUCTION IN NUCLEAR REACTORS, By Wallace Davis, Jr. Oak Ridge National Lab., TN radioactive nuclide 14 C is, and will be, formed in all nuclear reactors due to absorption of neutrons by carbon, nitrogen, or oxygen.

These may be present as components of the fuel, moderator, or structural hardware, or they may be present as impurities. Most of the 14 C formed in the fuels or in the graphite of HTGRs will be converted to a gaseous form at the fuel reprocessing plant, primarily as carbon dioxide; this will be released to the environment unless special equipment is installed to collect it and…

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