Radionuclides in Sediment vs. Seawater and in Plankton-Marine Invertebrates (e.g. Sea Stars)

I wasn’t feeling well a couple of days ago on the anniversary of Chernobyl so I didn’t do any posts about Chernobyl. But I’m making up for it today, and thanks to my friends at mining awareness they’re providing ample material to help me on that one. thank-you mining awareness!


  1. Thanks. I hope you are feeling much better. There is a meeting Monday about subsidies to keep Three Mile Island open. Hope people find these. Chernobyl poisoned Europe but no one told us… only now that it is a bit better because one half life do we know. I will die because of Nordic sardines and salmon I fear, too, from it, Chernobyl, Frech reprocessing etc. Strontium in the bones of the sardines….

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