Radionuclides in Sediment vs. Seawater and in Plankton-Marine Invertebrates (e.g. Sea Stars)

I wasn’t feeling well a couple of days ago on the anniversary of Chernobyl so I didn’t do any posts about Chernobyl. But I’m making up for it today, and thanks to my friends at mining awareness they’re providing ample material to help me on that one. thank-you mining awareness!

Mining Awareness +

Early US Atomic Energy Commission-WHOI research is found below, indicating that Ken Buessler (WHOI) and Jay Cullen’s testing is not thorough enough. Their research is clearly inadequate to evaluate the impact of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster on life in the Pacific. Given their funding-ties to the nuclear-military industrial complex, should one be surprised? They are getting a lot of governmental funding, and in the case of WHOI, foreign partnerships-funding, including the University of Tokyo! Of course, Jay Cullen’s funding source frequently “partners” with Cameco, which co-owns a major, newly opened, uranium mine with TEPCO at Cigar Lake. (See details at bottom of page). Remember TEPCO? TEPCO is owner-operator of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. It is worth noting that Ken Buesseler’s dissertation focused on plutonium testing. And, yet, his current focus appears to be on Cesium 134, half-life of 2 years in seawater and sometimes fish.

WHOI’s “Our…

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  1. Thanks. I hope you are feeling much better. There is a meeting Monday about subsidies to keep Three Mile Island open. Hope people find these. Chernobyl poisoned Europe but no one told us… only now that it is a bit better because one half life do we know. I will die because of Nordic sardines and salmon I fear, too, from it, Chernobyl, Frech reprocessing etc. Strontium in the bones of the sardines….


    • The entire planet and all life on it it’s doomed, it’s not coming back it’s never going to get better it’s only going to get worse until we’re all mutated, sick or DEAD! It was a nice run while it lasted but it’s over now, say goodnight!


    • And by the way thank you so much, I am feeling better I have my good days and then I have bad ones I’m back on the good side now for as long as it lasts but thank you for asking. That means a lot.


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