GOP Folds On Trump’s Fed Pick After Sexist Remarks | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

‘Queen Sissy-DumbAss Doofus💩🐷‘ is showing herself to be a true DumbAss. I mean I don’t know of a bigger DumbAss on the planet. Perhaps she doesn’t know what a DumbAss is? Well, a DumbAss is exactly her – she is a DumbAss. Of course she could always double-check by simply going to the nearest mirror standing in front of it and looking straight ahead; but if it’s still not clear after that she could always just ask me, I’ll be happy to explain to her what is Super DumbAss she is. I mean she is the definition of DumbAss! Throughout history there’s never been a bigger DumbAss! And to be honest I can’t see a remote possibility that there could ever be a bigger DumbAss then her – EVER. I mean ‘Queen Sissy-DumbAss Doofus💩🐷‘ really has no choice other than to remain Forever and Always the Super ‘Queen Sissy-DumbAss Doofus💩🐷‘ that she is — ANY QUESTIONS?!

WHEN WILL GOP SENATORS LEARN THIS??? They could just read my blog – it’s short, concise and to the point. It’s not a hard read like some of these fuckin’ books that keep coming out by these ‘talking head’ pundit assholes and misanthropes.. LOL 😜😆😋😳

Published on Apr 30, 2019

President Trump’s pick for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Stephen Moore, is facing heat for misogynistic comments. Republican Senator Ernst telling NBC News she will not vote for Moore and does not believe Trump has the votes to win Senate approval. Political strategist Aisha Moodie-Mills tells The Beat, “are we surprised that Donald Trump would want to put someone in place that is a misogynist just like him?


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