Pompeo: Maduro was ready to leave. Russians said stay

This is one of United States COUP looks like in Venezuela. Maduro was  the elected president ..  the PEOPLE elected Maduro. Maybe we should COUP ‘Queen Sissy-DumbAss Doofus💩🐷‘ – WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?

Wolf Blitzer asks ‘the HARD QUESTIONS!



Published on Apr 30, 201

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was preparing to leave his country, but was talked out of it by Russia.




  1. Maduro was impeached by their parliament. Putin was right on this – he compared it to the removal of Trump by Congress and replacement by Pelosi. Russia and the US want Venezuela out of the oil business so that the price of sour crude goes up. US offshore Gulf of Mexico crude is similar to Venezuela and Russian Urals crude is somewhat similar, as well. Europe is having to import more Venezuela crude. US and Russia both aim to destroy Venezuela together. Germany’s Deutsche Welle gave the low down on it. Remember that Trump and Putin are on the same team.

    • But ‘Queen Sissy-DumbAss Doofus💩🐷’ is so stupid she can’t even formulate a COUP because she has no State Department staff, no Diplomatic staff or diplomats, no National Security Agency staff, no WH Cabinet,and no HHS – except for ‘the mustache’ but he’s another Fuckin’ DumbAss who couldn’t pull off a Coup if all he had to do is stick his finger up his ass and fart – AS YOU HAVE SEEN TODAY IN VENEZUELA! WTF?!

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