Senator Mazie Hirono Lays Into Attorney General William Barr | MSNBC

😳😯😮😧😆😋😜 Mazie – ‘Big Butt Barr’  needs his ASS KICKED! YOU GO GIRL!! LOLROTF  GET ‘IM GIRL!

Published on May 1, 2019

“The American people know that you are no different from Rudy Giuliani or Kellyanne Conway or any of the other people who sacrificed their once decent reputation for the grifter and liar who sits in the Oval Office,” says Sen. Hirono to AG Barr in a contentious exchange.


  1. She’s been good in the past, but Barr’s not had a reputation to lose – at least since BCCI. He’s a Reagan man, which should be enough said, except a myth-fake history has grown up that Reagan was a good guy.

    • Yeah every since they attempted to assassinate Reagan I’ve been wondering and this is decades now what made him such a good fuckin’ guy he was a useful idiot and a good dumb puppet at best. I remember when Reagan was governor of California and to save a budget and make the budget look good while he was governor he opened up all the psychiatric hospitals released all the patients into the community and then closed the hospitais down. I remember distinctly because one of my past careers for more than 14 years was as a registered nurse four of those 14 years where as a registered psychiatric nurse where I work at Napa State Hospital where they had some of the worst Psychos in the state of California. He also unsuccessfully try to repeal Proposition 13 a California Proposition that guaranteed that property owners homeowners in California if they own their property more than x amount of years I don’t remember the exact number are property taxes never went up not ever they were frozen in time, of course that never works in the long run.

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