US House Judiciary Chair Nadler’s Statement on Mueller’s Letter to Attorney General William Barr

We all already knew this a couple of weeks ago upon the original release of the Mueller report and “BIG BUTT BARRS” Whitewash Lies and BS! He’s “lower than a snake in a wagon track”.. LOL Oh but wait – we ain’t finished with his ass yet! Film at 11.. 😜

Mining Awareness +

Mueller has written a letter objecting to Barr’s summary of his report because it “did not fully capture the context, nature and substance of the investigation.” I have demanded the letter & Barr must answer for this. Mueller must be allowed to testify.” (US House Judiciary Chair Nadler, 30 April 2019, 7:34 pm EDT: )

This is why it is so critical for AG Barr to appear before @HouseJudiciary on Thursday so that we can ask him about the reported letter from Special Counsel Mueller over the AG’s misleading summary of Mueller report.” (US House Judiciary /Chair Nadler, 30 April 2019, 9:03 pm EDT )

US House Intel Chair Schiff says:
Now it is confirmed Mueller objected to the “context, nature, and substance” of Barr’s misleading summary of the report. And the false public narrative it allowed the White House to create…

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