Article | Published: 22 April 2019 Geomagnetic jerks and rapid hydromagnetic waves focusing at Earth’s core surface Julien Aubert & Christopher C. Finlay Nature Geosciencevolume 12, pages 393–398 (2019) | Download Citation

YEP. Even the “MSM Quackademics” are covering the undeniable science that when the magnetic poles flip, continents shift, oceans move dramatically around the equator as Epic Floods happened around the planet killing a large percentage – estimate between 50% and 75% – of all living flora and fauna in the entire biosphere of the planet each and every time it happens – all in 24/48 hours of onset. OH..  and by the way – it happens all the time periodically on time scales far beyond a human lifetime  – that’s why we’ve been lucky and we’ve never seen it. BUT, OH BABY – IT’S COMING AGAIN WITHIN 20-40 YEARS; +/- 20% MEAN ACCORDING TO THE GEOPHYSICAL AND PALEONTOLOGICAL RECORDS THAT WE NOW HAVE AND UNDERSTAND!

“Geomagnetic jerks are abrupt changes in the second time derivative—the secular acceleration—of Earth’s magnetic field that punctuate ground observatory records. As their dynamical origin has not yet been established, they represent a major obstacle to the prediction of geomagnetic field behaviour for years to decades ahead. Recent jerks have been linked to short-lived, temporally alternating and equatorially localized pulses of secular acceleration observed in satellite data, associated with rapidly alternating flows at Earth’s core surface. Here we show that these signatures can be reproduced in numerical simulations of the geodynamo that realistically account for the interaction between slow core convection and rapid hydromagnetic waves. In these simulations, jerks are caused by the arrival of localized Alfvén wave packets radiated from sudden buoyancy releases inside the core.”


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