Discussion of Three Mile Island Radiation Plume

I’m always here to spread the news of the nuclear crime syndicate around the world whenever I get the chance and to help any other podcast or blog Advance their post and information to the general public whenever possible. But I must say I consider Fairewinds.org a public relations firm for the ‘nuclear crime syndicate’ just ask me I can show you why. Ask Kevin, strontium milks and Dana!


  1. That Italian guys named you were trying to think of is Marco Kaltofen ( not sure of the last name spelling) but he was a soon-to-be if not recent postdoc candidate working in the nuclear field any teamed up with Arnie. First project together was working on the automobile air cleaner filters and tearing them apart and analyzing them for hot particles both in Japan and in the u.s. West Coast. That research I believe was sound but shortly thereafter he (Marco) got compromised and his Data started looking really strange and he started making odd statements about radiation levels on the continental US West Coast that were just totally off-the-wall. So I think they got to him and said “if you want a career buddy you need to bring it on home”.. LOL

    • This is probably the video that you wanted – or one of them. It was in 2017. https://flyingcuttlefish.wordpress.com/2017/08/02/gundersen/ The above post was 2015. The above is one of the rare plume graphics. Some earlier Arnie: https://flyingcuttlefish.wordpress.com/?s=Arnie+Gundersen Arnie went to testify against nuclear in the British parliament, which he didn’t have to do. I don’t agree with at least one reason article that he’s done with an Italian-American, Marco something, but I didn’t reproduce it either.

      They never did one iota of cleanup at the Hershey’s factory at Hershey Pennsylvania which got completely dosed! DO NOT CONSUME ANYTHING ‘HERSHEY’!

      • I stopped reproducing and reblogging Fairewinds (Arnie) works 2+ yrs ago. I placed their recent work in the same Trash Heap as Christopher Busby, Helen Caldicott, Ken Buesseler and Libbe HaLevy. Thanks for the fresh links though I’ll take a look.

      • https://flyingcuttlefish.wordpress.com/2017/08/02/gundersen/ Yes, that’s the one I hadn’t seen yet. I need anyone to point me to some software that enables me to isolate snippets from youtubes, if that is possible. Currently I have to send the whole YouTube to people and then tell them to start at a certain time code point and stop at a certain time code point because I can’t snip. I found that the average person usually won’t take the time to bother to do all that.. If you have any guidance please let me know

        • I will ask but from what I understand it’s difficult and time consuming to copy and cut. The start (and stop) minutes is still a good idea. If people can’t bother to scoot the little bar along to minutes either they don’t want to, or maybe have a slow connection. I love Dana but never have time for his entire videos. I used to listen while I closed things up for the night but missed some things running around.

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