Mysterious Large-Magnitude Eruption that Covered the Mediterranean in Ash 29,000 Years Ago is Now Known to Have Occurred at Campi Flegrei Caldera (Naples, Italy)

Geophysicist are discovering supervolcano caldera’s all over the planet in the past 20 years – simply because they decided to start looking for them in Earnest and they’re finding them all over the place. They are responsible for Gigantic eruptions over the last hundred thousand years, I mean GIGANTIC! Read, Learn and Share.. 

Boulder, Colo., USA: The caldera-forming eruption of Campi Flegrei (Italy) 40,000 years ago is the largest known eruption in Europe during the last 200,000 years, but little is known about other large eruptions at the volcano prior to a more recent caldera-forming event 15,000 years ago. A new Geology article by Paul Albert and colleagues discusses a 29,000-year-old eruption, here verified as coming from Campi Flegrei, that spread a volcanic ash layer more than 150,000 square kilometers of the Mediterranean.

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