Maj. Doug Rokke: US military kills its own

In case you didn’t Fuckin’ know ..!!

Published on Jul 9, 2007

U.S. Army Major Doug Rokke in 2003 in Rochester, NY at a VFW post. Maj. Rokke (rhymes with ‘Rocky’), PhD, was tasked to do the 1991 Gulf War clean-up of ‘depleted uranium’ – DU — for the U.S. Army. Here he speaks to veterans and anti-war activists. Rokke exposes the US military’s total indifference to the fate of not only the Iraqi people, but also to the men and women in the US military and the rest of the world. Rokke was told to lie by his superiors about the harmful effects of DU while he himself and his military comrades were sick and dying of DU poisoning. (part 1 of 4 / snowshoefilms & thanks to Jim Barlow) yoryevah.

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