DeepDotWeb Shut Down: Administrators Suspected of Receiving Millions of Kickbacks from Illegal Dark Web Proceeds

THIS IS JUST A TICK IN A DOGS EAR! For every one website that you find on the web (www.x.x.x) at last estimate 100 to 500 DARK WEBSITES exist! The World Wide Web only makes up about 8 – 10% of the entire Global Internet! ESPECIALLY, ESPECIALLY SINCE IPv6 was implemented!! 👿 Do you see how many law enforcement and police agencies around the world it took the catch just this ONE website – JUST THIS ONE! My career was as a Network Engineer, 30+ years – and I WON’T EVEN PLAY on the Dark Web. NO FUCKIN’ WAY, JOSE.. LOL IT IS SO HUGE AND UNREGULATED – UNLESS YOU’RE AN EXPERT IT WILL EAT YOU FOR LUNCH IN LESS THAN 30 MINUTES and your life will then never be the same!

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