FULL AM JOY [10AM] 5/12/19 | JOY REID MSNBC News Today May 12, 2019

I like Joy mostly because she’s MSNBC and she has a weekend show. I love it and the rest of MSNBC closes down on weekends. There’s nothing there of substance! She also runs her own Independent News Outlet she’s very good at what she does she’s been doing it a long time.

A total Fuckin’ DumbAss lawmaker in Ohio wants to “require by legislative law” that ectopic fetal detachments (death to the fetus) to be surgically reattached in the uterus or the woman goes to jail for abortiing the birth!!?? WTF!? THESE ASSHOLE WHITE MAN LEGISLATORS ARE FUCKIN’ CRAZY LUNATICS!!!

Published on May 12, 2019

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