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As I said in my last post about Stan Tenen that I would Post the completed Earth Catastrophe Series. Some weeks earlier I posted the incomplete series because the data was so compelling I felt like I had to post it. But this here is the completed series top to bottom that includes the information about Stan and his amazing work.

This is the latest bleeding edge science on Earth catastrophe as a serial event. Approximately every 12K years our Sun Micro Novas, the Magnetic Poles change position drastically in a very short amount of time like 24 hours 48 hours max.

Geopaleontologists, Archaeologists, Historians and Anthropologists keep trying to find the one crater on the planet that caused the death of the dinosaurs and they have some good candidates what they’re not realizing is it’s not just one, it’s a Micro Nova of the Sun headed out to the entire solar system and earth is bombarded by many heavy-metal globs of solar material at the same time within one day that’s where they’re getting confused. 

The CIA and the US government created NASA because they’ve known about this since the 50s they don’t want us to know but all that will be explained in the series you will be surprised what they already know and about what happened to the dinosaurs and all the previous civilizations about every 12K years that have been Vanishing and leaving megalithic ruins for us to wonder _ What the Fuck?!


Earth Catastrophe Cycle

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This playlist includes the Catastrophe Cycle series and a few other relevant videos.

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