Stan Tenen Talks about Codes & Patterns, 1994

At this time, I’m only making a referral for you to this gentleman. His work is pretty amazing. He explores the Hebrew alphabet of 27 letters and he can form all 27 of them from a Torus that is known in cosmology as a Plasmoid. Interesting enough, all 27 letters – no more no less – are used the first verse of Genesis in the Torah!

I’m going to publish a series of Earth catastrophe videos that cover the latest science in cosmology as to why the Earth’s poles flip and why NASA got the Shit scared out of them when they went to the Moon and saw 20M High mountains of molten glass to the point where they trained a geophysicist to be an astronaut so he could personally supervise samples taken and brought back from the Moon. Our Sun DOES micronova on a regular basis combined with a pole flip – they now know this and can prove it  – as you’ll see in the Earth Catastrophe Series I’ll be publishing either later today or within the next day or two.

Believe it or not I’ll show you how all this is directly related – it’s going to blow your mind..

Stan Tenen Talks about Codes & Patterns, 1994

Published on Oct 27, 2016

“Letters” are more than sounds; their patterns reflect mathematics, reflect function. I’ve always been fascinated with “meaning,” with semantics and with homonyms, because they tend to reveal more intentions than mere acts or motions.

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