Republican Congressman Justin Amash Calls For Trump’s Impeachment

Justin Amash @justinamash.. Is by far the most significant GOP senator in the Senate today. KUDOS also to the excellent staff at MiningAwareness. Great work guys!


  1. Thanks for the reblog and kind words. He seems like an anti-environment right winger but we have to take all the help we can get at this point. His father is a Palestinian Christian (those folks who Congress and many forget about) and his mother is Syrian Christian. This may frame his outlook since the list of those sued a few years ago (suit still going) over Israeli settlements is like a whose who of Trump donors and Russiagate. I figured that Trump and the Kushners wanted to build housing, hotels, casinos, etc in the Israeli settlements. Apparently, Pelosi’s father, Thomas d’Alesandro, was even a big supporter of the creation of Israel and operated the Baltimore political machine. Her brother was mayor during the Baltimore riots which followed the killing of Dr. King. D’Alesandro can be the name of those Jews force converted to Christianity in Italy during the Inquisition. While it should be D’Alessandria, I still think that these are Jews forced from Alexandria Egypt during pograms under Constantine. Surname spelling can be very flexible until recently. It could be dialectical Italian (ie Sicilian), too. If she is Jewish Italian, this could explain why her family is from all over Italy and they only married people born in Italy or first generation. Now she has one Jewish son-in-law and one Dutch son-in-law. Her family hates Americans as much or more than the Trumps, based on marriage patterns. Jewish Italians would create a neat link between the need for a mafia “made man” to be 100% Italian and the Russian Jewish mob, as found in Murder Inc. What is really worrisome is that Elijah Cummings is from Baltimore and she may have the power to hold him back. She kept the books for her father of favors given and favors owed, I read a couple of places. Her father also hung out (once a year) in the mafia hang-out called Hot Springs Arkansas (where Bill Clinton attended high school). I wonder how many people from Baltimore just happen to drop by Hot Springs Arkansas? She says that her father spoke yiddish. While Italian (Sephardic) Jews wouldn’t speak yiddish (or maybe Italian banking ones would?), it shows a keen interest in all things Jewish. She also attended passover seder, etc, as a kid. Perhaps just machine politics, but perhaps more. For why Pelosi refuses to impeach Trump (and Bush) anything is possible. Far-fetched idea: her father and maybe she could be involved in the killing of JFK, as he served in JFK’s admin? That would look really bad. Trump is holding back JFK documents.

    • I really appreciate your back rounding on the history that I know nothing about that’s my biggest weak point. You know political cultural history of Old Europe is not my thing I don’t know anything about it. I’m starting to feel comfortable about what’s going on today save the last 40-50 years maybe 60 but before that I’m appreciating everything you got to say thank you keep it coming I’m eating it up LOL 😎

      • Thanks. It’s actually the toughest to learn about the recent times, as they don’t want us to know about it. Sometimes they have to wait till everyone is dead to tell the truth. Russiagate will reveal stuff about BCCI, Iran contra, etc. The coverup is all related. Or, maybe the truth is already in the record, but BCCI scandal, etc, are difficult for me to master.

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