63% Of Democrat & Independent Voters Want Trump Impeached; 55% Of All Americans Disapprove Of Trump (Latest Reuters Poll)

Good work guys, I’m a little short on energy today – I had every intention of “pushing back” on ‘the speakers’ delay of filing an official IMPEACHMENT QUERY’ ASAP! Politically the time IS NOW or we could lose precious support of Article lll! I believe we have created enough Factual Leverage with “the people” to move forward SAFELY! DO IT NOW!! 👀😋😎

Mining Awareness +

Based on the Ipsos poll, conducted from May 6-7, 2019 for Thomson Reuters:

Trump has an overall disapproval rating of 55% and approval of only 39%.

63% of US registered Democrats and Independents (combined) want Trump impeached.

73% of registered Democrats want Trump impeached.

45% of Americans surveyed want Trump impeached.

Even 17% of registered Republicans want Trump impeached; while 4% are undecided!

14% of all Americans and 10% of all Registered voters remain undecided. [1]

Democrats control the US House of Representatives, which is responsible for starting the impeachment process.

It is fair to say that between 63% and 73% of voters who Democrats will depend upon to get re-elected, and who can sit home if they so choose, want Trump impeached. A good guess would be that those Independents who tilt Democrat are more likely to be want Trump impeached. So, as many as…

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