Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill Authoritarians Like Us Trump targets Iran as Brazil’s Bolsonaro rewards the prosecutor who jailed Lula.

I’ve been neglecting Brasil and the politics of Brail lately because it makes me sick to my stomach what goes on there. Glenn doesn’t always tell the story quite like quite like it ACTUALLY IS! Politics in Brasil are so far outside of the norm not even Alice would recognize it as Wonderland. BUT WAIT – IT’S WORSE THAN THAT! LAWD’ A MERCY!!  😳😯😮😬😧😩😫😠😡😆😜😎👀💩

THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is waging a propaganda campaign aimed at war against Iran. This week on Intercepted: National security adviser John Bolton is more powerful than ever and is obsessed with regime change in Tehran. His boss is threatening to bring the “end of Iran,” as some news outlets help spread the administration’s unveiled attempt to gin up a Gulf of Tonkin-style justification for war. Iranian author and analyst Hooman Majd explains how we got here and how Iran’s leaders view the Trump administration.

Trump loves to talk about locking up his political opponents and with William Barr as his attorney general, it may not be unthinkable. That is precisely what the former president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, is charging happened to him. Lula, the once popular leftist president of Brazil, is serving a 12-year prison sentence on corruption charges. But, in an exclusive prison interview with The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald, Lula says his prosecution was an attempt to destroy him and the Workers’ Party he built. Greenwald discusses his interview and plays highlights of his conversation with Lula.

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