Trump Sold Floor Of Trump World Tower To Saudi Arabia A Few Months Before 911; Now Trump Wants Saudi To Build US Infrastructure

Wow man, you guys just knock my socks off with all this breaking news it’s just I can’t find stories like this in the New York Times you guys are awesome keep it coming I’ll keep presenting. I’ll provide all the coverage I can because it’s good stuff it’s good work it’s real news about the real world!


  1. Yeah man, you’re preaching to the choir!😆😊😉 LOL Thank you very much for your concern but just so you know it’s not always health issues that I have to deal with. Unfortunately for me, much of my net worth and banking is still dependent upon US Federal Reserve and US banks so occasionally I get depressed by not having full access to critical funds at the worst possible time – i.e End of Month! And I don’t feel like doing anything except emptying the other half of my single malt bottle.. IN ONE DAY .. LOLROTF

  2. Thanks. Lots of stuff like that. However, 24 hours in one hour is needed to finish it and get stuff up. By the time it can be figured out, it’s always past time to sleep. A minimum of a 25 hour day is needed. And, the latest catastrophe looms.

    • And, yes, I really meant I really need a 576 hour day for all of the crap which needs covering. Thinking about Trump’s corruption has started making me fall asleep. It has that effect like reading Karl Marx in French used to have on me, when I was only sleeping a few hours a night anyway, zzzzzz.

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