Emails Show How Much Pull Political Bosses Had Over State Tax Breaks (Re Holtec International Nuclear & More)

Nuclear industry is like a bad case of scabies.. Once you get the little critters it’s almost impossible to get rid of them! You have to fumigate YOUR WHOLE FUCKIN’ HOUSE BY THROWING A TENT OVER IT to get rid of the annoying critters; meanwhile take every stitch of clothes you own and washing them ALL at the same time. Dumping ALL your bedding and buying NEW – then shower everyday with some kind of Fuckin’ poison – putting on ONLY those clothes that you just washed – THATS NUCLEAR – THAT’S HOLTEC! AND AFTER ALL THAT IT STILL WON’T GO AWAY! WTF!? 😳😯😮😧😩😫😢😖😆😜😎👀


  1. I am hoping that this will take Holtec down. This has been known for years. There was a very young man who ran against Norcross who raised questions about it. This is the nexus that ties the Dem-wits and Republicans together. Norcross’ brother is a Dem Congressman and Norcross discussed in the article (George III) is a member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. Remember that Roy Cohn was a Democrat on the local level and Republican on the national level. Norcross and Kris Singh serve on the board of Cooper Medical AND Holtec. Cooper Medical is partnered with MD Anderson cancer center (or whatever it’s called). Put Governor Murphy in your prayers, even if you don’t normally pray and the judge. Norcross has filed suit against the governor saying he has no right to investigate. I have been hoping and praying that they would take Holtec down over this. Then, of course, we have to get someone else to make waste cans or we are stuck with Areva, which isn’t much better. However, at least we know where Areva is – they are French gov owned and the parliament has hearings about it. Kris Singh will just vanish to a private island or India when the casks go, unless he’s thrown in jail and assets seized.

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