La Paz – Bolivia INCREIBLE deslizamiento de tierra se lleva casas 30 abril 2019

My favorite and most beautiful city in South America just had a huge catastrophe. I stayed in La Paz for 3 months and drove all over those streets, they are very steep, there are lots of houses and businesses, it is a very densely populated city but it’s beautiful. This is the worst case scenario – I was on my way to La Paz 6 weeks ago. I would have been there in April when this happened except I got my phone stolen in Brazil and I had to come back home to replace my phone – that’s the only reason I was not in La Paz the day this happened! In English it means PEACE. And it is a peaceful friendly City! You are all in my prayers!! 😩😫😢

Published on May 2, 2019

#Deslizamiento #Kantutani #BajoLlojeta

Ahora estamos con el día despues del deslizamiento en la zona de Kantutani en la ciudad de La Paz, podemos observar como esta trabajando la alcaldia y como estan los afectados en carpas en la Cancha Figaro, ademas tambien tenemos imagenes de como la gente aun recoge sus pertenencias.

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