Trump Admin Stall On Tubman $20 Bill Inspires DIY Solution | Maddow | MSNBC

Ya got to love this kid man – ya just got to love him! I know I do.. LOLROTF! FUCK YOU MNUCHIN.. and your ‘Shoe-shine’ Criminal, subpoena -dodgin’ White Ass!! 😜😠😡😋👀

Published on May 25, 2019

Joy Reid reports on the excuse-making by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin for the Trump administration’s delaying of the roll-out of a Harriet Tubman $20 bill, and talks with Dano Wall, an artist who has designed an ink stamp to print Tubman’s face over.


  1. The company that prints US money – KBA Notasys (Lausanne, Switzerland) – is being sued by several countries for corruption. India and Morocco are two of them. I think there is a major investigation going on but that Switzerland is keeping a tight lid on the matter, as they print most of the world’s money. Some few hints have come out in Swiss media. In that infamous Mnuchin photo of him, his wife, and the money, you can see KBA Notasys on the machine. The bank notes have security elements in them and this KBA Notasys corruption situation could blow open a whole lot of things, including Trump, Russia, the North Korea super-dollar, etc. There were accusations of illegal printing of money in a west African country too, involving KBA Notasys. I forget which one – maybe Togo. KBA rebranded itself as its original name of Koenig and Bauer. I guess the A was AG. Like the Holtec tax investigation I am still keeping my fingers crossed. I was trying to check now and again for updates.

    • I would never intentionally ask you to do more work just for me, but if you can whenever you break something on this story the kba notasys please forward me or keep me appraised – basically just add me to your list I would really appreciate it I’m pretty interested in this story. Thanks in advance

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