• Sorta, my quirky nicknames for characters in the news, the overall plight and condition of the country and the world in general are beginning to form in the back of my mind a theme I could actually point not just to a song but actually a story but it’s still in a misty fog. Nothing’s really clear yet, I hear voices close by and I think I see scenes but they haven’t clarified yet – they’re getting there. There are those who would take that last statement with a boatload of caution but that’s actually the way the creative mind works. The Muse speaks to those that hear.

      All of this is in the beginning stages of course. I prefer to lay a music foundation first when writing songs then overlay the lyric on top. So the music part hasn’t caught up with the story yet but then again I’m not really working on it full-time as such, it’s still sort of ‘ divine intervention’ at this point and it’s not a priority. Come springtime in September when I usually do my traveling into jungles or the Andes or to the ancient ruins of Peru and Bolivia that’ll be the time to focus on the music/story. LOL

      But it’s nice to know there are still those around who appreciated my dad’s music, more accurately his lyric and philosophy about life. He was the funniest stand-up comedy master that I’ve ever seen in a musical context. He literally cracked me up.. We share a similar Outlook, we were real Pals back in the early days he was more my buddy than my dad. Since Sundays and holidays are outside of the standard ‘news cycle’ I’m going to begin to focus more on art/music on those days, I’m sure the few followers and fans that I have would appreciate that as I’ve been told my tone is sometimes a little sharp and not well directed. But they stick by me to my surprise and my heartfelt gratitude LOL 👀😏😊😀😎😋

      • Something is wrong with anyone who doesn’t like your dad’s music from the second they hear it. Prophetic voices are supposed to be sharp! How could it be otherwise? But, it’s good to take some rest and relaxation time. Since your grandfather was a preacher, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about prophetic voice.

          • My mom said that if you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will. That’s the one that I had seen that I loved so much. You know that Wynton’s father was professor of jazz at University of New Orleans, a bit like your father was prof of jazz. I met one of the Marsalis bros, I think Wynton, in NYC before he was famous. Wynton attended the same elite high school as Louisiana congressman Cedric ?Richmond?”.

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