Oscar Peterson Trio – When Summer Comes

Very few people realize Oscar Peterson was a masterful composer, he composed dozens of songs but nobody knows that? I have no idea why, but this is one of them.. I feel so blessed and lucky to have known him personal only once in life for only hours of a day. I met him backstage at the Newport Jazz Festival many years ago  – back in the 60s – I was just a teenager beginning to play guitar in public and I expressed my fears and anxieties to him.  He Counseled me the whole day and insisted I play my favorite 2 songs for him.. all he said after was “you have a solid connection to ‘the muse’ and I should pursue it earnestly”.. 😊😎😏👀

Published on Jun 19, 2014

Oscar Emmanuel Peterson, (August 15, 1925 — December 23, 2007) was a Canadian jazz pianist and composer. He released over 200 recordings, won eight Grammy Awards, and received numerous other awards and honours. He is considered to have been one of the greatest jazz pianists,having played thousands of live concerts to audiences worldwide in a career lasting more than 60 years.


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