Russia Launched New Nuclear Power Icebreaker While Other Countries Pay To Clean up Russian Nuclear Waste Ship (& Other Russian Nuclear Messes)

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Since when did we embrace and accept the right to ‘slave’ – AND PAY FOR – the USA and EU to be LOOTIN’ PUTINS’ nuclear fuckin’ handmaiden? WTF!? I DON’T PAY TAXES, SO IT’S ALL YOU – YES YOU – “SUCKERS” PAYIN’ NOT ME! LOL, how do you like me now baby..


Russia launched its new nuclear icebreaker just as Norway and the EU have started helping financially and technically to cleanup one of Russia’s old nuclear waste ships! The US, Europe (including Norway), Canada, and Japan have given billions to Russian nuclear cleanup efforts, freeing Russian funds to develop more nuclear icebreakers, submarines, etc. This goes back to the Bush years, when Bush loved Pootie, Poot, Putin (and Russian oil and gas). So, the “west” has been helping to cleanup old Russian nuclear, while Putin uses the money saved to invest in new nuclear.

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