A Quick & Dirty Look At Energy Coast Laundry’s Radioactive Materials Permit (Starting With Caesium 137 Discharges to Air)

Thanks much for exposing the story guys! This article is pure insanity, it’s just f****** nuts! Why would they take the laundry ‘off site’ to a rural area that’s untainted; and with a lot of teenage kids around and schools and open this  Nuclear Laundry? This is really -this is just amazing – I I have no words. These guys are killers and murderers and assassins of the public UNBELIEVABLE!.. 💩🚧☢️


Thursday, May 30th, 2019

As can be seen above, “Energy Coast” laundry has an environmental permit, allowing radioactive discharges. While they claim that the risk from these artificial nuclear materials is small, we find no basis for this claim. Rather, the risk appears potentially large, depending upon how it is distributed. And, why should Sellafield nuclear waste site send its laundry offsite and discharge radioactive materials into the environment? Why not clean the laundry on site and filter the radioactive materials? It should be noted that Caesium 137 has a half-life of 30 years, meaning that it will remain radioactive in the environment for hundreds of years.

Allerdale asked to investigate ‘nuclear laundry’ allegation” By John Connell, Times and Star, https://archive.li/ZEoQM




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  2. Thanks for the reblog! It’s RaFL’s on the ground research – I think a member of RaFL in the area. They stick Marianne out front because she is the only one brave enough. What you said is what RaFL’s been complaining about for years now. What got me is that they accused Marianne – the head of RaFL- of scaremongering in a news article. I had been working on the figures but was trying to take my time. There are some other dangerous things at Lillyhall, too. I can’t keep up with it all. Sadly the area isn’t pristine, but it still shouldn’t be near schools like this or made worse. What if there is a laundry fire, too? One thing thing which I learned is that when you see a too good to be true green space you had better do your research. They like to turn contaminated zones into green spaces and the cleanup standard is lower. Then people, including pregnant women, think they are doing the right thing to walk there and just don’t know. I think it was Lillyhall where the people recycled and saved space in the local dump and they are putting radioactive waste in there. I didn’t realize somehow that Lillyhall is north of Sellafield and I guess the prevailing winds send the rad materials in the direction of Scotland. It’s genocide. The question is who is genociding who and why. When the Windscale accident happened, the Queen actually left Prince Charles at the worst of it and went on a pre-planned trip to Canada. If the timeline is as I believe, then the Queen herself didn’t know the severity or she would have left sooner and unless she hated her son, she would have taken him along. I actually started the research because I was certain that the Queen abandonned the country, only to conclude that she was likely tricked. Cumbria, by the way, used to be its own country. Sometimes Scotland controlled it and sometimes England. Marianne got me into these nuclear topics when I was researching a lead-uranium mine in Peru or silver-lead-uranium. Paddington Bear was from Peru, according to the story. I don’t know what ever happened to that mine. The government and the church abandonned the people and left them dependent upon the mining company, after some bad winter storms that killed their alpacas. I found the Peru mine because I got a nasty comment from someone working in the mining industry in Haiti, before I cut off comments. Peru led to the uranium mines of the Black Hills of South Dakota – another ongoing tragic case. Ultimately, no nuclear power stations means no uranium mining and no new rad waste. I decided years ago, that if Marianne was Braveheart, then I needed to be the mad Irishman who had Bravehearts’ back (in the movie). Plus, many of my ancestors were booted out of that region though mostly a bit more north in Scotland. Historically, however, my ancestors in Scotland may have hid her ancestors’ livestock from the invading English army. As troublemakers, that group of my ancestors were forced out of the UK from ca 1603. Others left during the Jacobite risings of the mid 1700s. The most recent during the 1820 weavers rising. Now the UK parks its nuclear weapons there, and drags them through the streets of Glasgow during the night. Sellafield and the Hague nuclear site in France have run an amazingly stiff competition with Fukushima for radiation pollution and the rad materials go straight to the Arctic.

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