Arkansas River North Little Rock: Containment Berm Breached At Petroleum Facility


Welcome to the Grand Solar Minimum – GSM – everybody. It is expected to get worse, week after week, month after month, and year after year from now until forever! Once the farmers across the Northern Tier States and the center of the country the Corn Belt as they call it can no longer put crops in the ground because it’s too wet, the fields are flooded, or the fields dry out in a plant and then they get to torrential rain, hail and flooding that wipes out the entire crop then you’ll begin to see the Commodities markets be affected and you will also start to see food delivery shortages at your local supermarkets because there’s no Supply. And since this is happening globally at the same time, all exporting countries Russia, China, Ukraine and Southwestern Europe will not only stop exporting but they will become importers at a time when nobody is exporting. Imagine that? It is coming to a supermarket near You by Next Year! Next summer you will see food shortages, in some cases drastic food shortages and civil unrest. It’s about to get real dangerous from today going forward. It’s time now to start prepping we’re on a 400-year cycle and we’re on a 1000 years cycle it just so happens that both of those Cycles are overlapping each other at this particular time. On the planet. This is real s*** no joke get prepared it’s coming. Epic floods are only the beginning.

Historians for thousands of years I’ve been trying to figure out why the Chinese dynasties always spell after certain amount of time and became tyrants raiding the rest in China. They saw the pattern. They recognized the periodicity of the cycles but they couldn’t figure out what caused it. Then astrophysics and cosmology came to the table and that’s when all hell broke loose. That’s when they finally figured out that it was climate change, global periodic climate change that caused the dynasties the fall on a regular periodic basis. I published on this site under other headings such as GSM and History where you can read about the Grand Solar Minimum phenomena that is now a proven well established scientific fact! LOLROTF, and I haven’t even touched here in this post about Earth’s Magnetic Pole Reversals and the role they play in GSM. Under GSM heading on this site I recommend you read about Earth Catastrophe Series it will explain everything.

Here is the link for all 28 chapters of the catastrophe series so you don’t have to go fishing around the internet for it..

and here’s the link to the page of the blog by MiningAwareness that brought you to this page originally.


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