US House “Oversight” Hearing on Nuclear Waste Appears Designed to Create Gridlock; Ignore Critical Problems and Needed Solutions


For those of you, and I know it is MOST of you who are not paying attention to what’s going on in nuclear power you better wake up, especially in light of this worsening climate change castrophe and GSM. It’s never been more dangerous than it is right now and it’s going to get more and more dangerous every day. We’re due to DECOMMISION 3 Nuke plants within the next 3 years. It’s more dangerous decommissioning a plant than Running the damn thing – and that danger grows logarithmically with time that lasts millennia. 3 down 95 more to go..

I recommend you read every single word of this article and check all the links. While I did read the article I have to admit I don’t have the bandwidth to get to all of the links and do them justice but I have a big enough background in the subject matter that I can understand the way things are headed and it’s not good! SO WAKE AND SMELL THE PLUTONIUM SHEEPLE – OR FACE THE INEVITABLE DISASTER YOU HELPED CREATE BY YOUR UNCARING IGNORANT BLISS! 😠😡😣😒😬



  1. I think that the pdf was one of Donna Gilmore of San Onofre Safety’s very short summaries. I pulled some of the stuff from another post I had made. I tried to put the most important things in the post and use that as support. Her summaries are impeccable and usually very short. It offers support of what I said. I thought they had invited Len Hering, so I ignored it. I went back and didn’t see his name. I think he was uninvited, but can’t prove it since I didn’t copy it. The Sierra Club summary is very good, if you can read it. She apparently helped to write it, too. All she does is study the spent fuel canisters and casks. Like you, she was in IT from the beginning, so she’s very brilliant. I only noticed that it was in Cali and not in DC at the last minute, too. Kali the goddess of destruction and death?

    • I forgot to say, I’m sorry about your blog losses. It’s like your house getting hit by flooding or tornadoes in the old days, I guess and your work blows or washes away. I have more trouble getting youtube vids when internet is slow. Mostly I just don’t have the patience unless I’m doing something else. I need speakers, I guess. You probably connect it to your sound system.

    • Because I’m a one-man shop YouTube’s work much better for me but it would be nice to have that PDF for reference I talked about this subject from time to time and I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff in there that I don’t even know so both of you can do it but whatever you can do to help. If the PDF is compelling I will take the time and make the time to study it I just have to be judicious with my time that’s all. I regret it but Deb to something and I’m not able to do on many subjects right now I’m hoping to get some help from a partner maybe in the next few months he’s threatening to assist me with some post but it’s only preliminary discussion right now we’ll see what happens. But WordPress just took away Over 280 users and viewers of mine when because of their typo I ended up with two sites different spellings of my name and they wanted me to pay for both of them or they said they would take one and park it until I decided to purchase and that’s they did they park it that’s what happened my traffic goes so I got screwed. Why you can’t win anymore man all that hard work for nothing!

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