Black Swan? 31M ac Unplanted. $65 hay bales in Ohio.


I’ve been warning you “hardheads” to pay attention to the Global Food Supply Shortage! You hear the results of them here on this channel and others but you just don’t seem to listen to anybody – including me!! Or even listen to what the f*** is going on with GSM and Serious Global crop shortages! IF BRAINS WERE DYNAMITE – COULD YOU BLOW YOUR FUCKIN’ NOSE?  LISTEN UP OR PERISH!

Published on Jun 5, 2019

$65 hay bales in Ohio and 31 MILLION unplanted acres of corn in the US are a testament: we are witnessing massive blows to modern agriculture. 80% Raspberry Crop Lost in Serbia to snow/hail. Media stories referencing the cooling are disappearing down the memory hole even as the FDA and EU change their definition of food expiration dates. Start building communities around resilient and regenerative agriculture NOW.


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