This is an example of what the nuclear industry will do when they’re not happy and being supported with lots of money! They will begin to kill you, all they care about is money and more money and more money and more money and more money when the money stops you start to die. Sorry I didn’t make it that way they did – but now you have to live with their neglect. their greed and their homicidal tendencies. Problem is there really ain’t s*** you can do about it except get out on your knees, lick their boots and beg – which will not change their mind one bit!

Cracks have been found on approximately 400 graphite bricks in the reactor core.
The following is a letter from a member of Radiation Free Lakeland to EDF.
Please do write your own letter asking EDF not to start the Hunterston B nuclear reactors in Scotland.
You can contact EDF by various ways – write, phone, email but let them know that starting cracked reactors is knowingly putting the population in danger of a serious nuclear accident.
Here is the letter……
“I write to ask you that the Hunterston B reactors are not restarted. I have watched the date of their restarts being pushed back and back and it is now showing to be 24th June for Reactor 4 and the 31st July for Reactor 3.
Hunsterston B has been running since my 10th Birthday, 6th February 1976 which means the Reactors have been producing electricity for…

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