BREACH OF ETHICS Exclusive: Leaked Chats Between Brazilian Judge and Prosecutor Who Imprisoned Lula Reveal Prohibited Collaboration and Doubts Over Evidence

I can speak Portuguese much better than I could read Portuguese. So I knew a lot of this stuff as it was happening while I lived in Brasil. Just like it any other country if you’re a resident in that country you hear things and you see things that nobody outside the country hears or sees. Of course it’s hard to evaluate whether or not it’s factual depending on the source through which you heard it – but once you hear through multiple sources and your hearing the same thing there’s no doubt about that there’s some SHIT in the mix LOL  I had a friend in Brazil tell me about 4 months ago that there was news coming down the pipe about “Operação Lava Jato” that I should watch for, and now here it is. For me there’s not a lot of surprises, for you it should be life-changing and Earth shaking the things that go on in politics globally today!

Secret Brazil Archive

Part 3

Judge Sergio Moro repeatedly counseled prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol via Telegram during more than two years of Operation Car Wash.

A LARGE TROVE of documents furnished exclusively to The Intercept Brasil reveals serious ethical violations and legally prohibited collaboration between the judge and prosecutors who last year convictedand imprisoned former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on corruption charges — a conviction that resulted in Lula being barred from the 2018 presidential election. These materials also contain evidence that the prosecution had serious doubts about whether there was sufficient evidence to establish Lula’s guilt.

The archive, provided to The Intercept by an anonymous source, includes years of internal files and private conversations from the prosecutorial team behind Brazil’s sprawling Operation Car Wash, an ongoing corruption investigation that has yielded dozens of major convictions, including those of top corporate executives and powerful politicians.

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