Congressman booed in reparations hearing

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Published on Jun 19, 2019

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and actor Danny Glover testified before a House panel hearing on reparations for slavery, bringing a political issue from the campaign trail to the front and center on Capitol Hill.


  1. During my time in Brasil it was common knowledge and discussed occasionally that many of the richest slave owners in the US migrated to Brasil with with their slaves. The difference between the two is slaves were treated much more decently in United States and actually, unbeknownst to most, had some rights both while a slave and once they were emancipated. In Brasil on the other hand the life of a slave in the field was usually 3 to 5 years max; If they work in the big house or in the Stables maybe a few years longer than that – but in Brasil there was no such thing as emancipation – you would never be free!.

    Unlike in the US, native traditions song or dress was strictly prohibited. They were never allowed to learn the language Portuguese or English and they are only taught enough of the language to take proper orders to do their job and they were not allowed to speak among themselves in view or earshot of the owner. The only time they dared speak their native language was at night in private – the slave owners were deathly afraid to approach or enter slave quarters at night alone. If a slave owner thought that a slave was speaking too much they could be killed on the spot. Slave owners in Brasil were very afraid of their slaves and they were very quick to take their lives for little or no reason to demonstrate their power and create fear. A slave owner in Brasil could buy 5 to 6 slaves for the price of one in the US. It was not uncommon for a small group of slaves to kill the owners of the plantation and all of their family and run for their lives. The Brazilian slavery trade was ruthless compared to slavery in the United States. These are all known facts in common history

  2. That white boy from Louisiana has gall, especially considering that he is from Louisiana!

    Most of the whites in the United States were apparently brought in to deny the former slaves their rights after the Civil War. You can look at the census and how the country was whitened after the Civil War. Then since the 1960s they’ve brought in people from all over the world to deny the descendants of slaves their rights. They need to stop giving immigrants the affirmative action and “minority business” help-government contract set asides meant to help level the playing field. That would save money, so they can’t use that as an excuse. They can do that now while they study reparations. The trouble with that bill is that the commission members are chosen by Trump and Pelosi. Pelosi’s on the record in Italy in 2009 basically saying that the US is an Italian country – built by Italians. The disadvantaged in India get affirmative action in India and the non-disadvantaged come get it from the United States.

    CNN said they were talking about the wealth gap but then wrote median income at the top while putting the amount of wealth. Most of the wealth gap is due to higher home ownership or not.

    For median income:
    Median income (half above and half below)
    Asian males $48,842
    Asian females $28,260
    White males $41,578
    White females $25,793
    Black males $30,112
    Black females $23,639
    People from India have the highest median incomes. The Vietnamese are poor and this brought down the average.

    I would like to know who made and kept money from slavery. To the extent that southerners were invested in Confederate Bonds and slaves their wealth evaporated after the war. Also, land devalued or lost to taxes. But, the very rich must have had gold and other things. And those who got rich from the slave trade.

    • Thanks a lot for sharing that history I really love you guys when you break it all down like that it’s information I need to know and never would have learned from anywhere else because my time is short and there’s lots to do. But that’s a curious question I also would like to know the answer to that question: “I would like to know who made and kept money from slavery.. “

      • Thanks for your kind words on my comment. I wanted to do a post, but no time to do the topic justice. I still haven’t proven the intent in the 1960s, but the result certainly can be seen. Teddy Kennedy was behind it, and some think he was well-meaning but not too bright. Maybe the answer is in who his legislative assistant was. One thing on the land and money is that people had so many kids that unless it went to the oldest son it might be difficult to trace. I was told that a lot of the big slave owners ran off to Orange County California. I haven’t been able to find if it is true or false. I have found that some left for Brazil, where slavery was still allowed. Surely this all is in court records and could be in books somewhere. I had wondered if Kennedy cut a deal with the Queen to take people from India, especially those living in Uganda, because Britain didn’t want them/stopped taking them. Maybe he cut a deal about Ireland which didn’t work out. It may be the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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